Teachers are quickly becoming the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. Many are starting a side hustle for the summer months, while others are making a permanent full-time career shift. It makes perfect sense. Inspiring the next generation is hard work, and they already possess the important skills needed to lead a start-up. Here are 7 reasons why teachers make successful entrepreneurs.

  1. High Performers – Educators start their careers off after persevering years of college and student teaching. They know how to show up on days they don’t want to, crank out the work and get results. These action takers are smart and quick to pick up the required technology skills. They know how to prioritize and don’t waste time on unnecessary tasks. Like most successful entrepreneurs they are fueled by strong caffeine and a good planner.
  2. Organization Masters – Teachers are required to manage their time well, set goals and deadlines for their students and keep meticulous documentation and records. A thriving business could end up failing if they are not keeping good records, managing tasks and time. Teachers are the best on the planet at this. Who else can input grades, help a coworker with a troubled student, return a parent call, use the restroom and gulp down their lunch all within 20 minutes…only a teacher.
  3. Communication Skills – Knowing how to connect and help an individual is a key trait of an outstanding business owner. Teachers do this every minute of every day. They are often thinking of multiple ways to get the same message across. If a child doesn’t understand a concept after teaching at the board, then they may show a video to help with the visuals. A business product or service offering may need to be communicated several different ways. Educators have a strong presence with their verbal delivery, and their writing can put the NY Times best-selling authors to shame.
  4. Relationship Builders – Educators are often partnering with care givers, social workers and colleagues to maximize learning for their students. You can often find a teacher collaborating with a parent or administrator after school. Teachers are building bridges to ensure their student’s success. Business customers will buy from those they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. Teachers have relationship skills mastered down to a science…literally.
  5. Pivot Experts – Many times the success of a company will come down to how they react and handle a tough situation. Rarely do things go as planned in business, and the successful organizations are ones that can think fast, pivot with a solution and take action. Educators are doing this multiple times a day in their lessons. They can also clear a room in 2 seconds flat after vomit mysteriously appears. Just as the map app on your phone says, “Recalculating” is the key word for a successful arrival at your destination after passing a traffic jam.
  6. Resourceful – Teachers are the best at budgeting time, resources and finances. Being creative, thrifty and good with money is critical to a business during the start-up phase. Educators know what is worth splurging on and how to reuse materials in a different setting. I know teachers that have made a $20 supply gift card last for 8 months. This skill will come in handy the first year in business.
  7. Servant Heart – A key indicator of business success is how well you are serving your clients. Entrepreneurs are often asking their customers what their pain points are so they can help solve them. Teachers do this with every student. They get to know them personally, identify areas that need help and come up with an individualized plan. Many times they are going above and beyond their teaching job description making sure the basics like food and warm winter gloves are met. Educators are true servants.

Many typical entrepreneurs spend years completing their MBA, attend countless sales seminars and read boring leadership books in order to increase their business skill set. These are all honorable things, but maybe they should buy a teacher a cup of coffee and soak up their wisdom for an hour instead.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on my favorite people in the world. Do you want to encourage a teacher today? Feel free to share this post with them.

Business blessings to you!


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