It’s the New Year and everyone and their brother is setting goals and making resolutions. Then there are the few of us that  JUST. CAN’T. EVEN. Adding “make goals” as another line item on your to do list, may just be the last straw. Can I get an Amen?!? As a Mom and business owner, I’m sure you are maxed out. You are raising the next generation and providing for your family..that is huge momma! So instead of knocking yourself out writing New Year goals, here are 7 tips for balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. It’s time to simplify and bring joy back into your day. 

1.Ditch Perfection & Guilt – We’ve all had it and it is the killer of your joy. I’ve worked full time, part-time and have been a stay at home mom in different stages of my life. I experienced guilt in all three situations. Comparison was the problem. Stop comparing yourself to others on your social media feed. Only small portions of those posts are real life, so instead, chase after authenticity. Let go of having the perfect house, filled with the perfect family, that takes perfect vacations while you run the perfect business. Parenting and business ownership can be messy. Lower your expectations and embrace the mess. Own it girlfriend.

2.Plan & Prioritize – Determine your priorities and schedule time to devote to them. It’s as simple as that. Make sure your daily habits reflect your priorities. A good planner and routine are worth their weight in gold. Splurge on a planner that works for you. There are a million on the market to choose from. If you are a techie, there are also online apps you can use. I especially love the versions that have you take a few minutes in the morning and then again in the evening. This allows you to schedule your priorities, stay intentional with your actions and document your gratitude.  

3.Delegate – Yes, even the kiddos can help unload the dishwasher and do chores for you. This builds character for them and relieves the task from you. Remember tip #1 about ditching perfection when they put your spoons in the dish towel drawer. The same concept goes for your business. Can you outsource some of your simple tasks? Hiring a Virtual Assistant or even permanent employees can free up your time to focus on what you are best at. It should also increase your profitability over time. Have an open conversation about your needs with your partner at home or at work. You do such a great job holding it all together, they may have no idea that you could use some help.  

4.Learn to Say No – Most of us are brought up to be pleasers, and we are not comfortable saying no. Again, this goes back to the #2 tip. If it’s not on the priority list, it’s a no. There are only so many minutes in each day. When you spend time on things that are not a priority, it is stealing minutes from the important things. This is especially hard in the business world. You may have to say no to some exciting opportunities to focus on your mission. As a mom you already know that you will be hit up for volunteer hours every day of the week. If I can be with my kiddo on a field trip or class party, that is a big YES. If you want me in a dark and greasy concession stand where I have to miss my kid’s game, the answer is a HECK NO. 

5.Develop a Support Network – There is a phrase that is often said in our house.. Predictable is Preventable. You can plan for the emergency. In most situations I have found that my husband was right on this. Don’t tell him I said so please. 🙂 Most daily drama can be minimized or avoided with a proper support network and plan. Neighbors, family members and friend parents can be a life saver when the unexpected happens. It’s ok to ask for help. You don’t have to be so independent. Think through some of the situations that could trip up your day, and plan for them in advance. If your child is sick, who can you rely on to cover your business responsibilities? Even better, do you have automation in place so you are not missed while you are home with your little one. Do you have a friend or family member that can pick your child up, if you are stuck in traffic. Who is your business bestie that can rescue you from a meeting gone south? Making arrangements with your support network in advance, can cut down on your stress during an unplanned situation.

6. Recharge – Yes, this is critical and always overlooked. I know that wellness and self care are the buzz words for the year, but it’s for a good reason. We’ve all heard the analogy that you have to put your own oxygen mask on in an airplane emergency before you can help anyone else. It’s so cliche but true.    Schedule.Time.Period.  Schedule your workout. Schedule your healthy meal prep. Schedule a date night. Schedule that call to your parents. Most importantly, schedule your spiritual time. Click Here For The Free One Year Bible Reading Plan. Everyone has different needs. Whatever these things look like for you, just do it. You are important and your health and wellness are necessary for success. 

7. Love your People – Give them your attention and put your phone down. This is so hard, but so very important. Be intentional to give them hugs and speak up when you notice something they do good. Be their safe space. As a busy mom and business owner, you are pulled every different direction. Focus on the relationships and the rest will fall into place. If you are serving your customer and solving their pain point, you will have a profitable business. If you love on your tribe at home, you wont regret it! 

Blessings to you and your family as you as you roll into 2019 doing “All The Things”. The best is yet to be Momma.

Happy New Year!



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