Backyard  Farm


with Lana Stenner

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We are bringing 20 years
worth of experience to you!

Backyard Farm
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Gain access to valuable small farm trainings on raising chickens, harvesting honey from your bee hives, growing your own food and so much more.  New expert trainings and resources are added every month.

Hey there, I’m Lana!

Most days you can find me in the garden, in the goat pen or in the university classroom teaching business courses. We are approaching 20 years on our small homestead and are still fixing up our 120 year old farmhouse one room at a time.  We live just inside the city limits of Kansas City on 4 acres where we raise chickens, bees, turkeys, goats, sheep and a few kiddos. My fireman husband is full of adventure and always willing to help with a DIY project, add a new garden or build a greenhouse out of reclaimed materials. We’ve learned a lot over the years from trial and error and are excited to share our knowledge with you.  We have a wonderful network of homesteaders that are also willing to share their joy and tips. Slow and simple living is hard work. We run on God’s grace, strong coffee & lots of KC BBQ. We are honored to have you here!