The Raising Backyard Chickens Course

The Raising Backyard Chickens Course

Everything you need to know about raising chickens, even if you have limited time, space, or experience!

Do you love the idea of raising chicken in your backyard & enjoying fresh eggs every morning?


If you want to be more self-sufficient in a small space, raising chickens is one of the easiest & most enjoyable places to start.


We want to share our 15 years of experience with you. We have trainings on every chicken topic you can imagine, including breeds, chick feed, raising meat chickens, ducks, & turkeys & we have a community for questions & sharing.


Our Complete Chicken Course is only $47, a tiny investment to remove a huge learning curve for you. Let’s get building your Backyard Farm today!




What’s Included:

19 Videos


+ Community Group

Chicken Terminology (download) You can view or download this quick and easy chicken terminology guide so you feel confident as you learn about the world of raising chickens on your backyard farm. 

Benefits of Chickens (15 min video) There are many benefits to adding chickens to your property, and in this segment, we will unpack them all. There are a couple that you may not have thought of that could add value to your backyard farm.

Chicken Anatomy (download) You can view or download this quick and easy chicken anatomy guide so you feel confident as you learn about the world of raising chickens on your backyard farm.

Things to Consider Before Raising a Flock (11 min video) There are many things to consider before adding chickens to your property. We will identify 9 of these important things so that you will not be caught off guard in your new adventure of raising a flock of birds. 

Where to Get Chickens (11 min video) We will outline the different options for getting your birds, whether that is starting with chicks or going straight to adult hens. You have many options to choose from that will give you healthy and happy hens.

Setting up the Brooder (17 min video) The time your chicks spend in the brooder is critical to their future health and is such a fun stage. We will go through the aspects of a brooder and how to set your baby chicks up for the first couple of weeks of life.

Choosing a Chicken Breed (8 min video) This segment is on which chickens you’ll want to add to your flock. We’ll cover the most popular and common breeds today. Our family has had our flock for over 15 years now, and we’ve learned what works, and what doesn’t, and are looking forward to sharing that with you. 

Chicken Breed Poster (download) You can click and download our Chicken Breed Poster of our top 20 most beloved chicken breeds!

Chicken Breed Printable Guide (download) Download and print our chicken breed guide so you’ll have everything you need to choose the right breed for your flock.

Setting up your Coop (17 min video) In this training, you’ll learn about the different housing options for your chickens, and important things to consider before you build or buy a coop.

To Free Range or Not to Free Range (11 min video) The decision to free-range your chickens is a constant conversation among backyard farmers. We’ll discuss both options, as well as some hybrid options you may not have thought of. Choose what works best for your setup, and remember, you can always change your mind later.

Predator Safety (6 min video) Sadly, losing a chicken comes with the territory of raising them. But there are things you can do to keep your flock safe from predators. We’ll discuss all the options you may want to consider, so you can stay one step ahead of those sneaky predators. 

Feeding Your Flock (7 min video) In this segment, we’ll break down exactly what to feed your flock and when, so you can keep your chickens happy and healthy. 

Raising Meat Birds with Ashley Christian (7 min video) In this lesson, our guest educator, Ashley Christian joins us to share her wisdom on raising meat birds. You’ll learn the best breeds to choose for raising chickens for meat, as well as their unique housing and feed requirements. 

Processing Meat Birds with Ashley Christian (10 min video) In this lesson, our guest educator, Ashley Christian joins us to share her wisdom on processing meat birds. This will be a no-gore training. Instead, we will be focusing on the tools required, positioning, processing, and storage.


Maintaining Healthy chickens (10 min video) Keeping your chickens healthy can be a bit intimidating, but thankfully if you follow these guidelines, you can avoid the vast majority of health problems in your chickens simply by preventing them. 

Cleaning the Coop (7 min video) Arguably the least fun chicken chore is cleaning the coop, but with a daily, monthly, and seasonal cleaning routine, it should be manageable and hassle-free. If you have kids, this makes a wonderful paid chore.

Gathering and Storing Eggs (6 min video) One of the biggest joys of backyard farming is gathering eggs for a farm-fresh breakfast. This is a rewarding chore. Once you’ve eaten farm-fresh eggs, it’s hard to go back to grocery store eggs!

Hatching Your Own Chicks (10 min video) Hatching your own chicks can be a fun and fascinating project for the family. In this training, we will discuss, the setup, how long it takes, and what to watch out for and expect as you hatch your own chicks.  

Chicken Health Concerns and Diseases (15 min video) We are going to review 8 health concerns in chickens. One is very common, and the other 7 are rare, but we will cover each and how to treat and prevent each.

Introducing New Chicks or Chickens to an Existing Flock (5 min video) In this training, we will discuss how to transition new baby chicks from the brooder into the flock, as well as how to introduce full-grown chickens into an existing flock.

How to Trim Wings and Prevent Flying (6 min video) In this training, we will discuss the steps to safely trim your bird’s feathers as well as the when and why of the process. 

Keeping a Mixed Flock with Ducks, Turkeys, and Geese (10 min video) Once you start raising chickens, you may want to dabble in raising other kinds of birds. Everything you’ve done so far has set you up for success, but with a few important changes, we will discuss. 

Hey there, I’m Lana!

Most days you can find me in the garden, in the chicken coop or in the university classroom teaching business courses. We are approaching 20 years on our small homestead. We live just inside the city limits of Kansas City on 4 acres where we raise a flourishing garden, chickens, bees, turkeys, goats, and sheep. My fireman husband is full of adventure and always willing to help with a DIY project, add a new garden or build a greenhouse out of reclaimed materials. We’ve learned a lot over the years from trial and error and are excited to share our knowledge with you.  Slow and simple living is hard work. We run on God’s grace, strong coffee & lots of KC BBQ. We are honored to have you here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the Chicken Course will help my family?

If you are interested in getting back to basics, growing your own food, regardless of the size of your yard, you are in the right place. Our trainings can be used for most homeowners with a tiny lot all the way to an experienced sprawling ranch owner. 

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, on Digital products like the Chicken Course, we are not able to offer refunds. Thank you for understanding.

Will my other family members & friends have access to the Chicken Course?

Unfortunately, we can only allow one person per household to have the login credentials to the library and have access to the community group.

How much does the Chicken Course Cost?

The Chicken Course is a one time payment of $47. Believe me, this is a small price to gain years of insight and cut down significantly on your learning curve. Having the right information, will also help you save hundreds on getting your set up done right, and in the most frugal way possible from the start. 

Can I give this course as a gift?

What a beautiful way to invest in your loved ones! Yes you can give this course as a gift. Simple checkout with your own information, then forward the confirmation email to your loved one. The confirmation email will have instructions for them to create their account and they will be able to log in for free. 

I have more questions. Is there someone I can ask?

Of course! Just message

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