The Backyard Gardening Course

Meet your instructor…Lana Stenner

Welcome!! I am so glad you are here! Most days you can find me at home on the farm snuggling a goat or in the University classroom teaching business. I’m a wife to the Fire Chief, a mom of 4, blessed with 2 beautiful daughter-n-loves, and a Mimi! We live on a small farmstead in Kansas City, where we raise goats, chickens & bees. We are fixing up our 120-year-old farmhouse one room at a time. I run on God’s grace, strong coffee & lots of KC BBQ. I’m wildly passionate about helping others build faith, family, and the farm.

Welcome! We’ll be talking about soil composition, composting, whether to till or not to till and all the good tips and tricks about gardening you need to get started with your backyard farm garden!

Gardening Basics

Benefits of Gardening (13 min video) There are so many benefits to starting your own garden. Our family has been gardening for over 20 years now! Every year we learn something new. Here are a few reasons you should add a garden to your property. 

Gardening Terminology (download) You can view or download this quick and easy gardening terminology guide so you feel confident getting your backyard farm garden started. 

Gardening Planner (download) You can view or download this gardening planner with a zone map, seed inventory, garden planning grids, raised bed planting charts, sowing schedule, harvest log, compost records, and garden resources. 

Starting a Garden (17 min video) This video will be a high-level overview of the steps to start a garden. Gardening can be overwhelming, and I want to be that person to come alongside you and simplify it for you. 

Gardening Methods

Starting Plants From Seed (14 min video) Seed starting can be such a fun process as you start plants near the end of winter, 6 weeks before the last freeze date in our area. It’s a great way to get a jump start on the planting season. We will go over the 10 steps to start your plants from seed. 

No-Till Starter Bed (12 min video) I’m going to show you how you can put in a no-till starter garden bed in just 5 minutes if you have the supplies ready. This is one of my favorite gardening short-cuts that actually works!

Raised Beds Benefits and Options (10 min video) In this training we’ll discuss raised bed benefits and options. Raised beds get a bad reputation for being expensive, but there are plenty of economical ways to start a raised bed, and reap all the rewards. 

Gardening Without Raised Beds (12 min video) We will discuss ways to start a garden directly in the ground, and best practices for a successful season. Building a raised bed garden may not be possible for you, but don’t let that stop you from getting started with an in-ground garden. 

Raised Bed Plans

4×8 Cedar Bed Plans (9 min video) This is the plan for you if you’re looking for a sturdy and long-term option. Cedar wood can last up to 15 years while other woods only last three to five years. 

4×8 Cedar Bed Plans (download) You can click and download our 4×8 cedar bed plans for easy step-by-step written instructions. 

3×6 Cedar Bed Plans (5 min video) If you’re looking for a cheaper, lighter, smaller option for a raised bed made of cedar, these plans made from cedar fence posts are the way to go. 

3×6 Cedar Bed Plans (download) You can click and download our 3×6 cedar bed plans for easy step-by-step written instructions using cedar fence posts for an economical option. 

Filling Raised Beds with Quality Soil (11 min video) In this training you will learn about soil health, layering natural compost, soil recipes, what to look for in natural soil, mulching, and how to source materials. 

Weeds, Pests, and Indoor Gardening

Natural Weed Control Methods (11 min video) In this segment, I will teach you 10 different natural weed control methods you can try. I share the pros and cons of each and how to use them in your garden. 

Natural Pest Control Methods (13 min video) In this segment, I will teach you about some of the most common pests you may encounter in your garden, and 10 natural pest control methods you can use. 

Starting Seeds Indoors with Heat Mats and Grow Lights (9 min video) In this segment, I will teach you what is needed to germinate your seeds, and the shelving structures, heat maps, and grow lights. Plus I’ll cover some tips to help get your seedlings off to a healthy start for your outdoor and in ground planting. 

Plant Specific Gardening Trainings

Growing Tomatoes (16 min video) In this training we will discuss the different types of tomatoes, support systems, starting seeds, planting, watering, and companion planting for tomatoes. 

Growing Garlic (8 min video) In this training we will discuss how to choose, care for, plant, harvest, and store home grown garlic. Your backyard farm kitchen is going to smell amazing! 

Growing Potatoes (8 min video) In this training, we will discuss potato varieties, choosing and sprouting seed potatoes, planting methods, harvesting, and storing your own homegrown potatoes. 

Knowing Your Brassicas (13 min video) Brassicas plants such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower have similar growing needs. In this training, I will teach you how to start and care for brassicas, pest control, and growing tips for some of the most popular brassica plants. 

How to Grow an Herb Garden (16 min video) In this training we will discuss the best locations for an herb garden, tips for growing eight of the most popular herbs, and how to successfully dry your herbs. 

Learn About Beekeeping

Welcome to the Beekeeping Library (1 min video) Welcome to the beekeeping section of the backyard farm academy! We will have trainings on how to set up your beehives, and how to keep your bees happy and healthy so you can harvest that delicious honey. 

The Benefits of Beekeeping (11 min video) There are so many benefits to beekeeping. Our family has been keeping bees for many years, and every season we learn more about these facinating creatures, and find new benefits to having them on the homestead. Here are a few reasons you should add bees to your property. 

Beekeeping Terminology (download) You can click and download our quick guide to beekeeping terminology so you can get started on your journey to add bees on your backyard farm. 

The Types of Beekeepers (6 min video) There are different types of beekeepers, and it’s good to know about your options before you get started. You will want to determine your prupose and goals that will help you make decisions along the way. 

The Colony and Types of Bees (15 min video) The bee colony is a facinating community with so much to learn about. I will teach you about the three types of bees in the colony, and each of their functions to support the hive. 

Which Type of Beehive is Best (16 min video) One of the most important decisions you will make as a beekeeper is the type of hive you will use. I will teach you about the main types of hives, and the pros and cons of each so you can make the best decision for your backyard farm. 

Getting Started and Beekeeping Equipment (11 min video) Keeping honeybees is an increasingly popular activity for both hobbyists and business owners looking for a profit. Regardless of your purpose for beekeeping, we’ll cover the startup costs and equipment needed.

Honey Bee Breeds (11 min video) Honeybees will vary in their traits across the species. The breeds carry different attributes such as temperment, disease resistance, honey production, and swarm tendancies. In this training, we’ll discuss the different breeds, and what you can expect.  

Starting Your First Beehive

Obtaining Your Bee Colony (12 min video) Bees are such a wonderful addition to your backyard farm. There are so many benefits to you specifically and to your local community. In this training we will talk about connecting with your local beekeeping community, and the various ways to obtain your bee colony. 

Installing a Package of Bees (12 min video) In this training we will focus on installing a package of bees. Some of the steps will be the same as installing a nuc, but many will be different, so let’s dive in. 

Installing a Nuc of Bees (9 min video) In this training we will focus on installing a nuc of bees, and the steps that are specific to nucs so you will feel confident getting started.

Locating the Queen Bee (4 min video) The queen bee is the most important member of the hive, and since there can only be one queen bee at a time, it’s important to be able to locate her during hive inspections to ensure the health and survival of your hive.