Are you tired of the crowded produce section of your grocery store? It is time to grow your own food from seeds. You can quickly grow nutrient dense, yummy food with minimal space and time. Although we have a large outdoor garden, you can grow your food indoors, year around. For example, a fresh salsa garden can be grown in a container on your apartment window sill. Gardening is simple, fun and healthy for your family. There are 20 delicious vegetable varieties you can grow in just a few weeks. I’ll add a link to the list at the bottom of this article. Starting seeds is a fun activity to bring the family together.


You will want to start with high quality organic seeds. However, check the expiration date to make sure they have not expired. If you are interested in the container salsa garden, you will want seeds for tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro. Your family may have a different salsa recipe, so it’s fun to get creative with what goes in your containers.


A good potting soil mix will ensure you will grow healthy plants. It will hold both moisture and nutrients. In addition, your soil will allow the roots to breath while being anchored. You can prepare your own soil organically or purchase it at your garden center. If you are making your own, equal parts of compost, vermiculite and peat moss are the standard recipe base. You can add specific nutrients or sand based on your local challenges, PH needs and weather zone.


Once you have sown your seeds, you will want to keep them moist by watering. Next you should cover the plants with clear plastic or glass until they germinate. This will keep the humidity and warmth in. Natural light is best, so keep your plants in a window sill, or start them outside, if you are in a warm zone. Remove the covering once the plant emerges. You will want to continue to check on your plants daily during their growth. When the soil is dry, you can moisten it with a light pass of the watering can or better yet, a squirt bottle.

Transplanting and Harvest:

If you start your seeds in a small container inside, you may need to transplant them to your final container or garden outside. Be sure to check your weather zone for suggestions on final frost dates. It’s heartbreaking to nurture your plants for weeks and then loose them to a frost, after you transplant them outside. I’ve been there before. I recommend harvesting your plants early, when they are immature and tender, rather than waiting. Their nutrients will be higher, and you can enjoy them earlier.

Family Gardening

Planting seeds with your family is a great way to build memories, enhance responsibility and instill a healthy lifestyle. It’s wonderful to get the children involved in deciding what to grow, and then how to prepare your veggies for a delicious meal. You are giving a priceless gift to the next generation. Let’s get back to the basics, where the real joy resides.

Growing Food Quickly

Of course each plant grows at a different pace. However, many of our favorites you can harvest within a few weeks. For a list of these 20 quick growing plants Click Here For The Quickest Growing Food Guide. I am thrilled that you and your family will be enjoying yummy, nutrient dense food together straight out of your garden. Going back to basics is pure joy.

Lana XO

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