Sweet and Spicy pulled pork steals the show at every dinner or event it is served. You may already have the secret ingredients of strawberry soda, chipotle peppers, root beer & liquid smoke in your kitchen. You don’t need a smoker for this bursting BBQ flavor. It slow cooks in your oven, while you go about running your errands.

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees.

Start the dish of love by placing the onion quarters in the bottom of an oven-safe pot that has a lid. Place the pork butt (which is actually a shoulder) on top of the onions.

The fat side should be facing up. Pour the chipotle peppers with adobo sauce over the top.


Are you ready for the real magic… pour 1 can of strawberry soda and one can of root beer over the top of everything.

Add the liquid smoke to the soda mixture in the bottom of the pan. Stir it around so it disperses evenly.

The next step is purposely made after the liquid is poured, so it doesn’t wash it off. Sprinkle the pork with the sea salt, pepper and brown sugar.

Cover the pot, put in the oven and cook for about 6 hours. You will want to turn the pork over with heavy duty tongs after 2 hours of cooking, and then back over again after another 2 hours to finish off the cooking.

When it’s done, the pork will be falling apart. We easily shred the pork with a fork in the liquid. We also shred the cooked peppers and onions in with the meat, but it will add to the spicy meter. This is a spicy dish. You may want to remove some or all the peppers, if you want to keep it tame. We recommend keeping the pork in the juice until it’s served.This will look soupy, but will keep it tender and moist. Add additional table salt to taste if needed.

The pulled pork can be served many different ways. Our favorite is on a hamburger bun for a BBQ sandwich. We often add yummy pickles & coleslaw on top of the pork. This has been our go-to dish for some important family events such as graduation parties and Fourth of July celebrations. It’s an easy self-serve dish for an ongoing party. Pair it with baked beans and chips for traditional BBQ fun.

Pulled pork can take on a Mexican flare in enchiladas or soft tacos. We pack flour tortillas with pork, cheese, lettuce and onions. Add the enchilada sauce or salsa to top it off. We serve these dishes with fresh guacamole and tortilla chips

After gathering our eggs from the coop, we love to add some leftover shredded pork to our morning egg scramble. We will cut up green onions and peppers to add to the skillet of love. If you need additional spice, some yummy salsa can be added to the top.

On the Stenner Farm we often make a double batch of pulled pork, so we can use it in other dishes the rest of the week. It’s one of our favorites.


Ingredient List:

1 pork butt (actually a pork shoulder)

2 yellow onions quartered

1 can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

1 can of strawberry soda

1 can of root beer

1 tsp of liquid smoke

1/2 cup of packed brown sugar

2 tsp of ground sea salt

1 tsp of pepper


I hope this sweet and spicy pulled pork recipe brings your family as much joy as it has ours. We are honored that you have come here today to check it out. 

Blessings to you and your family!



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