Have you always wanted to read the Bible through? With this easy one year Bible reading plan, you can reach your goal in 2022. Happy New Year! We all have different reasons to start a one year Bible reading plan. Whether you are searching for a deeper relationship with God, researching a friend’s religion, winning a competitive bet (like the guys at my husband’s fire station) or simply wanting to know what your parent’s religion is all about, this plan is for you.

Of course, we all want to live a healthy, joyful and intentional life. It’s so easy to focus on our external image and jump on the new workout plan or clean eating program. Not that those things are bad, but filling your soul with God’s word will give you lasting and eternal results. It realigns your priorities and your purpose becomes crystal clear. For years I attempted to read the Bible through without success. I would get behind on a reading plan and eventually throw in the towel. I finally decided to come up with a plan that works, even if you are extremely busy.


Two Reasons This Plan Works:

1. The first is that it is a five day a week schedule that can be completed in 10-15 minutes each day. All of my unsuccessful attempts through out the years were seven day programs. When you have a sick child, work events or life just happens, you will miss a day. It is easy to get behind and then give up due to overwhelm. I’ve done it many times, my friend. The glorious weekend time built into this plan is the key to success. If you get behind, it allows you to catch up before the following week begins. Hooray for a five day a week reading schedule.

2. There is another reason this plan is easy to follow. It reads the bible cover to cover, without time consuming scripture look up. Yes, I just admitted that, and I’m sorry. Some other programs schedule reading out of three books of the Bible at each setting. Jumping from the old testament to the new and back to Psalms or Proverbs was hard to manage. I am embarrassed to admit that as a busy mom, one more scripture look-up was a deal breaker for me. I love the simplicity and ease of the cover to cover one year Bible reading plan.

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Tips to help you complete the Bible Reading Plan this year:

1. Decide what month you will begin your adventure. Although the majority of individuals begin in January with the new year, it is structured for success to start any month. Some find it easier to start in the fall when the kids go back to school. Any month is a good month to start reading the Bible.

2. Most have found that a Monday-Friday reading schedule works best. This allows you to have make-up days over the weekend, if you get behind. Start on track and caught up each Monday.

3. Plan out your start date. Example: If January 1 is on a Wednesday, I read Wednesday – Sunday and start week 2 on Monday the 6th. You can also wait to start on the first Monday of the month.

4. Find a quiet and distraction free location for your reading. It’s nice to have a comfy spot that is well lit. Make sure it’s not too comfy, or you could fall asleep. :) Before you get started pray for God’s understanding and revelation.

5. Try to schedule your reading at the same time every day. Mornings with coffee, lunch breaks at work and before bed are popular times. Most individuals complete the daily reading in 10-15 minutes.

6. Enlist the help of a friend. A partner will keep you accountable and allow you to discuss what you are reading. A healthy dose of peer pressure can be positive when it comes to Bible reading.

7. Don’t get discouraged, if you get behind. Let go of perfection and give yourself grace in this process. Use the weekends to complete missed dates. Start each week on schedule and caught up.

8. Allow additional time after each reading for reflection, prayer and journaling. This is where the relationship with God grows!

9. Decide which version of the Bible you will read. Easier to understand versions are the NIV & NLT. A few of the more formal versions are the King James, NASB, AMP or ESV. There are many other hard copy and online versions as well.


You’ve Got This:

Print the free plan and check off each date that you complete. If you are high tech, you can store the schedule on your device and refer to it in digital form. Each person is different, so do what works best for you.

Click Here For The Free One Year Bible Reading Plan

God’s word is fascinating, and there is a gem on every page. Don’t miss out on the most popular book in history. It will touch your soul. Blessings to you as you study God’s word. May you experience his love, grace and wisdom this next year!

Happy New Year!


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