Meet Lana


Hey there, I’m Lana!

Most days you can find me teaching business courses in the University classroom or at home on the Stenner Farm. I’m a wife to my fireman husband and mom to 4! We do life on a small farmstead in Kansas City, where we raise mini Nubian goats, chickens & bees.  We are fixing up our 120 year old farmhouse, one room at a time. I’m also an entrepreneur, which makes for a very busy life. I run on God’s grace, strong coffee & lots of KC BBQ. Our life is hectic and messy. As a recovering perfectionist, I have banned the word perfect from my vocabulary. Most days we hold it all together in healthy high performance mode… other days end with cozy PJs at 7pm and my favorite girl, Little Debbie. I call that grace and balance!

Interesting things you may not know about me..

  • I drove a car fueled by used veggie oil for two years. My kids were not a fan. I would pull up in the school car rider line and the exhaust smelled like french fries. I have since moved my color tone from GREEN to a light shade of khaki. I’ll admit I’m a true fan of gas stations now. 
  • I have competed in 3 marathon races in the last few years. My long distance running days are slowing down, and now I’d rather go for a long walk, take a relaxing yoga class or even better, sit on the front porch with the fam.
  • I’m a cheese addict, especially if it’s melted cheese. I have never met a cheese I don’t like. I’m attempting to limit my dairy products and can get a bit grumpy, if I go too long without it. 
  • 50% of my life is spent sitting in bleachers watching kid’s sports.. wrestling, pole vaulting, dance, running, football, soccer… and much more. Lucky for me, most of my work can be done from my portable laptop or phone. Kudos to all the moms raising the next generation.
  • I’m “Just a Small Town Girl Living in a Lonely World”. Yes, I’m a super fan of the band Journey. My sweet husband has carted me all across the country to attend their concerts. “Don’t Stop Believing” is my motto.

There are many more facts, but I don’t want to scare you away.    

Glad you are still here…  I’m also wildly passionate about helping friends build a business, so they can make a living doing what they love. Several years ago, I lost a very close friend to cancer, and that journey really put things into perspective for me. Life is short, and we need to take action to follow our dreams now.

I am honored that you are here. Grab a cup of coffee and head over to our BFF’s Blog where we chat about all things business, farm and family. I’d love to have you join our community through the blog and social media. I can already tell we are going to be great friends!

Blessings to you!
Lana XO



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