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Lana loves sharing her story of joy, encouragement and chasing God’s simple truths. Her heartwarming and sometimes humorous adventures with goats, gardens and all of God’s goodness are touched on in her favorite topics….

Upcoming Events:

 May 21, 2024 Ozarks Homesteading Ladies Camp
 Neosho, MO

September 6-7, 2024  Ozarks Homesteading Expo  Marshfield, MO 

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Podcast Interviews 

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Lana’s Favorite Topics:

Finding Joy + Purpose

Lana encourages others to find joy, even in the struggle. Living with purpose & intention brings a happy & healthy life full of God’s simple pleasures.

Life is a Gift

Lana shares the story of her miraculous healing of a giant peach sized brain tumor. She tells of God’s provision, peace and love. Life is truly a gift.

God, Goats + Gardens

Lana teaches about the homestead lifestyle, simple living, apothecary, raising chickens, & growing your own nutritious food. Slow living chasing fast goats.

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