Every holiday season as the gifts are being purchased and the decorations go up, I start to think about the excitement and plans for the New Year. For the past seven years I have made it a goal to complete a one year Bible reading plan. I was successful only two of those years. I finally have a plan that works. Although I’m a bit embarrassed at my previous record, we really shouldn’t call the other five years an epic fail. Any Bible reading is better than none..right?!? Most of us know that keeping God’s word in our heart keeps us on track, joyful and a little less crazy.

You may be wondering what made the difference in my progress those two successful years. It was the Bible reading plan. I developed a plan that worked for me, other busy moms, corporate employees and anyone else in between. There are two key reasons this one year Bible reading plan works. The first is that it is a five day a week schedule that can be completed in 10-15 minutes each day. All of my unsuccessful attempts were seven day programs. When you have a puking child, a car broke down or life just happens, you will probably miss a day. The glorious weekend time allows you to catch up before the following week begins. Staying on track is important. The other reason this is an easy plan to follow is that it reads the bible cover to cover, without time consuming scripture look up. Yes, I just admitted that, and I’m sorry. Some programs schedule reading out of three to four books of the Bible at each setting, jumping from the Old Testament to the New Testament and back to Psalms or Proverbs. Again, I am embarrassed to admit that one more scripture look-up was a deal breaker for me. I love the simplicity and ease of the cover to cover one year Bible reading plan.

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So you’ve decided to do it! Congratulations! Here are 5 tips to help you complete the Bible Reading Plan this year:

1.Find a quiet and distraction free location for your reading. It’s nice to have a comfy spot that is well lit.

2.Try to schedule your reading at the same time everyday. Mornings with coffee, lunch breaks at work and before bed are popular times.

3.Enlist the help of a friend. A partner will keep you accountable and allow you to discuss what you are reading.

4.Don’t get discouraged if you get behind. Start each week on schedule and caught up. Use the weekends to complete missed dates.

5.Allow additional time after each reading for reflection, prayers and journaling. This is where the relationship and knowledge grows!

You can decide which version of the Bible you like best. Easier to understand versions are the NIV & NLT. A few of the more formal versions are the King James, NASB, AMP or ESV. There are many others as well. I recommend printing this plan, folding it in half and checking off each date that you complete. If you are high tech, you can save it on your devise and refer to it in digital form. Each person is different, so do what works best for you.

Click Here For The Free One Year Bible Reading Plan

Blessings to you as you study God’s word. May you experience his love, grace and wisdom this year!

Happy New Year!



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