There is nothing like a cozy farmhouse Christmas to bring back fond memories of your childhood. The old movies, festive food and holiday music often have a vintage quality that I love. I’ll be honest, I started dragging out the Christmas storage tubs the week of Thanksgiving, but for some reason life got busy, and I’m just now finishing up decorating in the middle of December. My goal for 2018 was to shed the word perfection from my vocabulary and enjoy life a bit more. I may have exceeded that goal and taken my relaxed behavior a bit too far this season. CJ, my smoking hot fireman, was on his game this year, hanging lights early. I always say a little prayer as he heads up the ladder. God was listening again, and I’m grateful for another year without a fall.

This is our second holiday season in the new kitchen addition, and we are loving it. We lived in our farmhouse for 15 years with a detached garage, tiny kitchen and beautiful treed area where our red porch chairs are now. We made so many memories in that small space, and it served our family of 6 well. However, it is so nice to have room for the entire extended family and friends to spread out and even wrestle on the floor. We are enjoying all the hard work it took to build the kitchen addition. My man poured the concrete countertops and island top himself. It was a mess, but they came out exactly how we wanted.

The hot cocoa bar is always a hit at our house. Hot cocoa is a must for a cozy farmhouse Christmas. Missing from the photo is the can of Redi Whip. That takes every hot cocoa mug to the next level.

Our bedroom is my favorite spot to watch the Hallmark Christmas Movie Channel. Many of their movies are situated in a cozy farmhouse during the Christmas season. I have always enjoyed cutting fresh pine or cedar from the property and decorating the mantels with it. This is my first time to add fresh greenery to the headboard in the bedroom. The jury is still out on this one. It’s been a bit interesting to have a few pieces of greenery fall on you in the middle of the night as you are rolling over. We may have to rethink it next year.

Our front porch is a family favorite, even in the chilly winter months. Our firetruck red adirondack chairs were purchased a few years ago before the 4th of July, but they fit right in with our Christmas decor. We have enjoyed hours of sitting in these chairs. No worries, the fire pit is just a few feet away. We are starting a new family tradition of roasting chestnuts on the open fire. We finally found the chestnuts online and are looking forward to trying it out. I will let you know how it goes!

This old dresser was salvaged from one of our rental properties. Oh goodness, it was a dirty mess complete with marker stains and left over bubble gum wads. A quick sanding and wash allowed our son’s to have additional storage in their bedrooms for years. We passed that dresser through all the boys. 2 years ago, we added the industrial pipe legs and brought it down to our main living room. Now that is what I call upcycling.

My absolute favorite holiday moment every year is our Christmas Eve candlelight church service followed by the Stenner family celebration back at the farmhouse. From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas. May you feel the joy and love of our sweet baby Jesus this holiday season.

Christmas Blessings to you!



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