A buffet makeover is not as hard as you think. Adding a coat of paint can turn trash to treasure. We enjoy finding treasures that no one wants. Our family fixes up furniture, houses and anything else that makes us happy. Through the years, my fireman husband has also been a real estate investor, landlord and maintenance guy on his days off. This means he is always bringing home treasures from an empty house he is working on. You would not believe the items people leave behind when they move out, mostly junk and a few treasures.

I will never forget the day CJ pulled up with this stained solid oak buffet. From a distance it was stunning, and I was so excited. As I moved closer, I noticed heavy water damage, deep gouges and lots of imperfections. In the past we’ve restored antique pieces and kept the original dark stain. I love the light and chippy vibe of white painted finishes, but I usually cannot bring myself to cover the beautiful vintage wood grain of older treasures, especially if it’s a family heirloom.  Because of the water damage and no family connection to the piece, this was the ideal time to paint a buffet.

We started by removing most of the hardware and sanding the surface. We used the Ridgid Orbital Sander which helped level out the water damage spots. Many times we have used fillers to smooth out a surface, but decided against it. I wanted the minimally distressed look, so we left it as is. This also helped on our time commitment. Keeping it simple is our motto.

Are you always tight on time? We are too and decided that brushing and rolling the buffet would take too long. Let’s spray this sucker and get it done quick. The Wagner Flexio paint sprayer is so easy to use. Each coat takes less than 5 minutes to apply. I love that it is easy clean up with the disposable paint bags. It is also super light-weight, so your arms don’t get tired. We started with a base coat of Zinsser primer, and we let that dry over-night. Our paint for the second coat was white BEHR semi-gloss enamel.

I had planned on minimally distressing the buffet with a block sander after it was dried and cured, but I loved how it turned out… perfectly imperfect. We decided to skip any additional finishing. It was time to move it into the dining area and start adding the seasonal décor. We can’t wait to use this buffet as a dessert and hot cocoa bar during the holidays. Our family loves to gather around the chocolate and sugar joy. The hand painted sign above the dessert buffet is so fitting. It is well with my soul.

I hope you have enjoyed this DIY and can try it out yourself. Remember that perfection is over rated, and the imperfections are what makes life beautiful. I’m honored that you have come here today to check it out our adventures. 

Blessings to you and your family!



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