We are welcoming baby goats to the farm this month! The Stenner Farm raises mini nubian goats as well as chickens and bees. Gloriann is our oldest goat at three years old, and she is a trooper! After a long and cold winter here in Kansas City, she gave birth to three sweet little angels. After 20 hours of active labor, momma delivered one baby girl and two sweet boys.

Lily and Gus were born first. They came out loud and proud letting the whole city know they had arrived. Their delivery was smooth and uneventful. That is just how you want it. Their due date was on Valentine’s Day, but they made their debut a day early!

Kid Rock was a different story. CJ was set on this goat name, if we had a boy.  He thought it was so clever. Since my husband built the pens and agreed to all the chaos, it was the least I could do to let him name one of the three. Kid Rock was a tiny little surprise after the other two were born. He was all curled up and barely breathing. Momma goat had her energy focused on cleaning up the healthy two, and she didn’t give him much attention. From what we hear that is normal with multiples. He was ice cold and it was clear that we would have to intervene.

I was so grateful for my husband suggesting that we bring him in to warm up by the fire. It was freezing outside in the barn, and this baby was not going to make it. We brought him in, cleaned him up and regulated his temperature. We had our own little NICU going in the family room. CJ is a Chief on our Kansas City Fire Department and our 3 boys are EMT and Firefighters. We had all the emergency medicine covered.

Kid Rock is unable to feed from his sweet momma, so we are giving him a colostrum supplement for a few days. We are attempting to bottle feed, but a syringe works best. It was clear that he was in a tight spot in momma’s belly because his neck and ears were misshaped. Sounds so silly, but we kept massaging his neck to help him hold his head up. After 24 hours, he was able to hold his head high and stand on his own for a couple of seconds. He is getting stronger every hour.

We continue to bring Kid Rock out to the goat pen to hang out with his family. Gloriann, Gus and Lily are treating him well now that he can stand on his own. It’s important that they all stay familiar with each other. We hope he can be out there full time with them soon. We will probably continue to bottle feed him for the next month or so, until they are all weaned.

What a joy this has been. These goats are a blast, but they are also so much work. We have another storm moving in, so out to the barn we go to add yet another heat lamp. The experts and blogs tell us to toughen them up, but we are softies here at the Stenner Farm. Thanks for stopping by today to check out our baby pics. We are proud parents as you can tell.

Blessings to you my friend!



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